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Style: I am going to do what I want.

STYLEa distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

One of the most interesting things about photography is Style.  Experts all agree that you should always protect your brand by producing “your own style” of work.  Almost any successful photographer has said some variations of “I want clients that want me for my own style, not some one else’s.”  I have happily turned down business when someone has asked me to do something that I didnt feel confident doing because it wasn’t my style.

I am a big believer that having a defined style breeds consistency for customers.  They know what they are getting because while the subjects may change, there is always a look to your work, that they can count on. 

I believe all of this whole heartedly but here is a little truth:  Sometimes we play.  Sometimes we explore and sometimes we venture outside our style box to see what else we are capable of.  Sometimes we try new things simply to reafirm that our own style is exactly where we want to be and other times we do it simply because we can.   Here is a second truth, although we often feel that the industry limits us, we actually don’t always need to be just one thing.

Here is a photo that is closest to what I consider to be “my style:”  In that sense that the majority of my works looks similar to this over the last few years.


Here I went very trendy and played with the FILM INSPIRED style that is everywhere in popular photography.  I am really drawn to it on a more artistic platform. 


Finally I went dramatic.  Big skies, Big colors, Big drama.  Here I went with something where every peice of the photo is loud and striking.  This photo is designed to be seen.


So my question is.. what did you find the most appealing?  Strictly for curiosity sake because obviously I am going to do what I want.

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Kimberly Iandolo
Beautiful work Jennifer! Everything you produce is beautiful and stunning!

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