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THAT Photo is Magic

There is a feeling.

When I am shooting a wedding I look for a lot of things.  I am shooting details, reactions, emotions and all the extremes.  I shoot some formalized shots and some moments of pure choas.  I relish it all.

BUT there is a feeling.  A feeling I get when I know I have “that” shot.  The one that my client will blow-up, hang on their wall, show their friends and feel in one photograph, that they got their money’s worth and then some. 

I work with a frenzied energy through a wedding day.  If anyone has seen me work, they know that I basically run on adrenaline and I have often refered to shooting a wedding as a “full body experience.”  I am all in.  I have trouble focusing on anything other than the job I am doing.  I forget to eat, drink and usually by the end of the night atleast some of my hair is sticking up in the wrong direction.


From the moment I start a wedding day I am searching for that feeling.  I can’t rest until I can go home knowing exactly what photo I have to edit and post first.  There is never a question.  At some point I shoot something that moves me, excites me and gives me that feeling. 

There is no formula for it.  I don’t shoot “that” photo at the same point in every wedding.. I have to search it out.  The beauty of it is that the opportunity is never completely gone.  When I was in Cuba shooting a few years back I took the couple outside in the dark, halfway through the reception and that was when I got it.  It can be at sunset or at the ceremony.  It can be a formal photo where we maniptulated light or it can be when we pull the car over on the side of the road in a spur of the moment decision.

I am a big believer that for a wedding photographer to be truly good, they have to produce the entire story of the wedding day, in photos that are technically amazing and still make the couple feel something.  BUT I also believe that there should be one or two “show stoppers” in every package.  One photo that feels like magic. 

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